API accelerates and protects the circulation of information and copy.

In addition to the traditional functions of Microsoft Word© and QuarkXpress©, API brings users complete secured integration in real time:
- Creation and circulation of articles.
- Automatic transfer of operations.
- Real time safeguards.

API optimizes the Production Circuit.

API allows you to take into account the internal organization of the firm, to distribute functions according to needs, to parameter authorizations and privileges in user profiles and to define the circulation of copy from electronic baskets.

API offers carefully designed ergonomies.

The API user interface has been designed to facilitate the work of professional, taking into account the specific productivity requirements of the profession while respecting it's traditions and typographyc styles.

API allows cost control.

It's customer/server architecture, it's objet technology design, it's relational database make API an open system which adapts to all environments.
- It's modular structure and it's many features enable configurations adapted to the size of the firm and the real needs of it's users.
- It's custumer/server architecture optimizes the power of workstations, wich guarantees great stability in response times, the primary factor in productivity, whatever the size of the system and the load on the servers.

Objectives of the architecture.

The objectives of the architecture used are:
- To rely on standard and recognized hardware and software products that guarantee the durability of the application and protect the financial interests of the customer by allowing a broad choice and total independence with respect to hardware supplies.
- To facilitate rapid adaptation and integration of customer functions.
- To guarantee maximum security by implementing a backup function in real time.
- To ensure response time stability, whatever the function used or the load on the server and network.
- To provide ergonomic features that are specific and adapted to the productivity requirements and special needs of the profession.

General pinciples.

To respond to it's objectives, API has been designed with a customer/server architecture whiich relies on the technic of interconnected local network.

Each user has acces to a powerfull graphic environment, which is stand alone and adapted to his or her own needs, and guarantees response times independent of the load on the network and servers.

Most of the API server functions, including the data server, are distributed on the network and can be applied to the standard, main environments on the market (Windows 2000, Windows NT Server, Novell,...)

The data server function can be centralized or decentralized, depending on the organization of the company and geographic distribution corresponding to his organization and it's constraints.


The system is organized around a protected customer/server database which optimize transferts between the base and the workstations.

API interfaced with the standard market database: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server...

Editorial environment.

The API user interface has been specifically designed to offer an adapted and use friendly environment. USers have tools that allow them to search, enter and circulate information under a common ergonomic environment.

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